BPM Training

Business Process Management Training by Queensland University of Technology


BPM Training, rated as “strong performer” in the provision of BPM courses by Forrester Research, is an established professional service provided by members and affiliates of Queensland University of Technology’s Business Process Management Discipline (QUT’s BPM Discipline).

Private and government organizations are increasingly demanding specialized and definitive knowledge and skills in the disciplinary area of Business Process Management relevant to their environments and stakeholder bases.

In response to this, BPM Training intentionally seeks to raise the level of interest, competence and excellence in BPM. This is made possible via a platform of internationally seasoned instructors with first class academic and professional experience. No other BPM training facility in Australia can elf bar banana milk lay claim to the robust thought-leadership of the team behind BPM Training. Extensive publications, a rich network spanning the globe and continuous research efforts within the discipline ensure that BPM Training remains cutting-edge yet attainable for small to medium-sized organizations right through to large multinational corporations.

Our courses cover a wide variety of BPM topics. From strategic BPM, providing the skills to manage BPM programs, through to operational BPM,providing the methods for implemeting BPM programs, and BPM technology, covering technical aspects related to IT solutions for process management. The courses range from beginner to advanced levels of knowledge and skill. Frequent case studies and hands-on exercises are part of each course to apply the learned content. Our offering consists of two types of courses:

  • Corporate courses: delivered to individual organisations, can be customised to suit organisational and/or professional learning needs.
  • Public courses: a selection of our corporate courses is also offered publicly throughout the year – these courses are open to everyone.

Get the BPM Training booklet for a quick overview of our courses and trainers credentials.

Besides our training services, we offer a variety of consultancy services on BPM, including BPM project management, operational BPM delivery and coaching.


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